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where all the scars of the nevers and maybes die

the Ominator
8 September
I have way more interests than can fit in the interests section, but I tried to put the main ones there anyway. Please leave comments!
a cappella, a cappella music, adam pascal, aeropostale, anthony rapp, anti-bush, anti-hate, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, australia, backstreet boys, beaches, being a girl, being vegetarian, best friends, billy boyd, blue pigs, boca, brian gligor, cats, cdbaby.com, chocolate, choir, chris bryan, chuck coleman, college a cappella groups, compassion, compliments, concerts, crepes, crushworthy boys, daydreaming, dominic monaghan, doodles, dresses, duke's men of yale, e-mail, elijah wood, ethnic food, excitement, falsettos, feeling giddy, feeling warm and fuzzy, france, french, friends, gay rights, getting mail, girl scouts, giving advice, goo tidal wave!, good times, habitat for humanity, hairspray the musical, harry potter, hobbits, holcombe waller, hugs, ice cream, icons, inside jokes, internet, ipod, itunes, iu honors, jake gyllenhaal, jason mraz, jimmy fallon, john mayer, journal-writing, journals, kyo, laughing, letters, liberals, looking forward to stuff, lord of the rings, love, magazines, malls, maroon 5, massages, matt caplan, mix cds, movies, music, musicals, notes, nsync, nutella, paris, peace, pearls before swine, photographs, presents, psychology, quotes, reading, reminiscing, rent, roller coasters, sean astin, secrets, shopping, show choir, singing, sleepovers, smallville, snl, spongebob squarepants, starbucks, strong bad e-mails, summer, surveys, swinging, tom welling, trogdor, unitarian-universalism, unitarians, vegetarian food, vegetarians, volunteering, warm weather, wash u, wicked, willy wonka, writing, wustl, yale, youth group